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Our Privacy Policy is quite simple. You may submit your email address to our secure database using the form on the front of this site. You may delete your address at any time using the same form (via the Unsubscribe facility). The database is ONLY accessible to ONE member of our team and your details will NEVER be revealed or transferred to any other person. We promise. We don't even want to know who you are!


Like most websites on the Internet, we use Cookies to show how many visitors we have to this site, where they come from, where they go to, and if they come back. This is purely to help us monitor the popularity and effectiveness of our service and is only used to improve how this website works. No personally-identifiable information is collected and we do nothing with malicious intent. You can find out more about Cookies here.

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General Data Protection Regulation:

Our systems are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and we are registered with the Information Commisioner's Office.